Daily, Automated Crop Monitoring

Agriculture Moisture Management and Crop Protection

GreenSight’s drone-enabled agricultural management service provides farmers actionable information about the status of their crops. Using automated drone technology we scan every inch of your property multiple times a week. Our custom multispectral camera captures 5 times the data of a typical camera and enables us to detect evidence of pest and pathogens before their impact becomes visible to the naked eye. Our thermal camera measures the detailed temperature differentials over every inch of your fields. After a drone scan the drone lands back on our base station and automatically is recharged and the data downloaded.

This detailed data is processed using our proprietary analysis software. We scan the multispectral image data for evidence of pests and track daily changes so we can alert you when an issue begins, before it gets out of hand. The temperature data is analyzed and used to develop a soil moisture map for each field. Areas that are too dry or too wet are flagged, before the crop health begins to deteriorate.

After each full property survey, email or text message reports and alerts let you know what issues are happening where on your property. Manage your staff more effectively, further reduce water usage, and avoid costly pest or fungal damage while maximizing yield and profit. Easily compare today’s imagery to last weeks, last months, or last years with our easy to use web catalog.

GreenSight’s FarmSight service makes your crops greener.