Solar inspection

GreenSight has the industry’s best in class solar farm inspection platform. Combining the best in drone technology, remote piloting technology, and regulatory advancements, GreenSight is able to offer the most convenient and effective platform for gathering aerial insights about your photovoltaic power generation site, from small sites of 10MW or less up to 300MW. We can offer multiple annual inspections on a subscription basis at a lower cost than competing single jobs.


Flights conducted by customer (drone received by mail) or with GreenSight pilot

Fully processed data delivered in under 24 hours

All data accessible 24-7 through GreenSight portal

Single, monthly or quarterly plans available with optional follow up


Locate underperforming panels and strings

Locate panels with high defect rates

Tabulated reports on individual panel performance

  • Crop out photos of problem areas tag w/ geo located in the portal
  • Report photo

Detect and locate panels which should be replaced under warranty

Track performance trends over time


Overlay facility maps

Navigate to problem areas

  • Show your position so you can walk to the location

Add notes and share data

  • Notes
  • Shape files
  • Email function