Ground Crew

The Humans Building the Robots

Ground Crew | Management

James Peverill
Chief Executive Officer

James has been developing small drone technology for 12 years. He initially focused on military applications as the lead of the Small Unmanned Aerial Systems group for a respected aerospace/defense firm. There he took a drone system from whiteboard concept to deployment in Afghanistan in 24 months.

Joel Pedlikin
Chief Operating Officer

Joel began his career developing rocket engines and small spacecraft. He has a decade of experience as VP of Engineering and General Manager at 2 aerospace/defense companies. Joel decided to pursue entrepreneurship after completing his MBA. GreenSight is his second services company.

Jason VanBuskirk
VP Sales & Marketing

Jason began his career as a Golf Course Superintendent at a high end 36 hole golf club in Massachusetts. He earned his degree in Turf Management and Horticulture at the University of Rhode Island. In 2016, he founded Turf Cloud Inc., a company focused on introducing technology to the golf course industry. In early 2018, Turf Cloud was acquired by GreenSight Agronomics.

Stephen Ohlson
VP Product Development

Stephen hails from a long line of golf course superintendents. As a 4th generation golf course superintendent he earned his degree in Horticulture and Turf Management at the University of Rhode Island. In 2017 he became vice president of Turf Cloud Inc. where he oversaw product development. In early 2018 Turf Cloud was acquired by GreenSight Agronomics.

Andrew Delollis
VP Robotics

Andrew is a versatile engineer who specializes in the combined mechanical and electronic design of robotic and automated systems, and who has considerable experience with both aerial and subsea vehicles

Kennan Arlen
Principal Software Engineer

Kennan has spent the last 10 years developing and maintaining applications across several industries, including UAV remote operation systems and high performance data management systems in use by multiple branches of the US federal government.

John Kaminski
Chief Agronomy Officer

John is GreenSight’s Chief Agronomy Officer. He is Director of the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program at Penn State and is an expert in turfgrass pathology.


Dan Gerke
Director of Flight Operations

Dan earned a Master’s degree in Geography from Western Michigan University flying drones to map rivers in northern Michigan. He is now applying the lessons he learned there to the golf and arboriculture industries. He is a FAA licensed drone operator.

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Ground Crew | Advisors

Wayne Crandall
Board Director / Investor

Wayne is CEO of NoteSwift, an integrator of medical dictation technology with electronic health records. Previously he was President and now Board Director of enChoice, an enterprise content management solutions provider. He brings to the table deep knowledge in sales and marketing.

Greg Nicoll

Greg Nicoll is Vice President Of Sales and Marketing for the Turf Division at Harrell’s LLC where he leads a team of 86 sales personnel. He is former Director of Grounds for Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster.

Joseph Pianelli

Over 30 years of experience in strategy, finance, corporate development, business formation, and has held senior level operating roles in wireless, publishing, digital media, internet and consumer retail. He has been investing in emerging technologies for over 20 years and started investing in agriculture in 2012 when he incubated VoloAgri, a seed technology and breeding company that went on to raise $140 million in capital funding.

Sam Wurzel
Advisor / Investor

Sam’s deep knowledge and experience in online content and the electronic pats industry, with particular expertise in partnerships, together with his business acumen in a web-based economy enhance Altium’s business development capacity. Sam brings a strong drive and disciplined focus, together with a well-connected network, that will benefit the company as it pursues partnership and M&A opportunities to grow its business. Sam holds a Bachelor’s Degree, Engineering and Physics from Brown University and a Master’s Degree, Physics from the University of Colorado.

Ryan Teksten
Advisor / Investor

Dynamic and passionate leader in high-performing technology organizations across America, Europe and Asia. Over 20 years experience leading diverse teams in the implementation of innovative product, financial and business-based solutions. Savvy multi-lingual adviser on strategy development, new product generation, engineering, and risk evaluation resulting in predictive analysis and actionable risk-reduction strategies.

Scott Miller Advisor
Advisor / Investor

Scott is the founder of Dragon Innovation, a company that helps hardware startups scale production by connecting them with trusted factories to build cost competitive, high quality products. He is also a partner in the Bolt, an incubator for hardware startups. Previously he was VP of Engineering for iRobot.

Daniel Wilk
Advisor / Investor

Daniel Wilk is a Principal Scientist at Adobe, joining in 1993 as one of the original team of engineers on Adobe After Effects. After Effects remains the industry-standard for motion graphics and has produced over a half a billion dollars in total revenue for Adobe since 1994. In 2019 Daniel was recognized with a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award for his contributions to the system. Daniel is author of fifteen patents related to digital compositing and animation.

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