GreenSight Engineering Consulting

GreenSight has built a top notch engineering team with broad capabilities across multiple disciplines in order to build our world changing products and services. We also have a large network of specialized expert consultant resources from both industry and academia.

Since inception in 2015, our team has supported projects at multiple Fortune 500 technology and aerospace companies, the US Department of Defense, and dozens of confidential smaller clients. We consult on projects including custom applications of our own technology as well as complete custom aircraft and communications systems.

▌Aerospace Systems & Urban Air Mobility

Electric Propulsion

We have design and testing facilities for motor and aircraft propulsion testing up to 200kW.

Battery Systems

We can design, build and test battery systems up to 50kWh, including custom or COTS battery management systems and system integration.


Design, analyze and prototype both composite and other aerostuctures is well within our capabilities.


Our prototyping facilities and tooling partners allow us to rapidly deliver low volume prototypes of any size and to your spec. From drone parts to full size aircraft components.

Aircraft Design

We have developed dozens of custom unmanned aircraft up to 500 lbs, both VTOL and fixed wing. We developed the longest endurance drone in its class and can do the same for you.

Vehicle Prototyping

After design, GreenSight can prototype your vehicle, manned or unmanned, and even conduct low rate production.

Our Consulting Methodology

GreenSight engineers are top notch in their respective fields, and can deliver solutions adhering to the highest standards. We use Agile methods and matrix teams, enabling us to carry out your project at the fastest pace. We specialize in solving hard technical problems in record time.





▌Autonomy & Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

We have built deep learning systems for everything from autonomous drone navigation systems to aerial data classification pipelines.

Autonomous Navigation

Do you need a drone to explore a cave or fly down a hallway autonomously? We can do it.

Multivehicle Coordination

Swarm tactics and multi vehicle coordination is one of our areas of expertise.

▌Unmanned Systems & Robotics

Aircraft Avionics

GreenSight developed its own custom avionics for the high reliability Dreamer Drone which we can customize for your platform as well. We have over 4600 flights on this system.

Flight Control

We develop flight controls and attitude estimation for drones, robots and aircraft. Testing and validating goes hand in hand with our prototyping process.

Payloads & Integration

Integrating custom payloads onto your drone or ours is one of our specialties. We build our own cameras, radios and sensors and do the same for your needs.

▌Advanced Telecommunications

Software Radio Waveforms

We have built advanced SDR systems for multiple large aerospace and technology companies. From initial architecture through to waveform development, implementation and testing.

Radio Hardware

We can build a specialized software defined or analog radio to fit your needs, whether for an aircraft, robot or handheld system.

Position Navigation

We specialize in precision GPS integration and high performance timing synchronization systems. We've landed drones on poles and synchronized timing down to the picosecond.