GreenSight Awarded NASA Phase II SBIR for Novel Sense and Avoid

Boston, MA, Mar 19, 2022- GreenSight, Inc. is proud to announce a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from NASA to help prepare its Automated DEcision Support System for Sense and Avoid (ADeSSSA) for commercialization. The ADeSSSA approach transforms visual, acoustic, and RF data into a probabilistic model of imminent contact and subsequent […]

Greensight Successfully Demonstrates Cyber-Secure Infrastructure for Swarm Robotic Systems

On March 17th, 2021, GreenSight successfully demonstrated SAEPIO, a Cyber-secure swarm UAS solution being developed under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Strategic Technology Office (DARPA STO) HASHTAG SBIR program. The laboratory demonstration showed multiple SAEPIO UAS nodes collaboratively executing a search and reconnaissance mission while securely sharing data across the swarm. The demonstration highlighted […]
GreenSight Developing PreSound, an Autonomy-Enabling Aircraft Health Monitoring System

GreenSight Developing PreSound, an Autonomy-Enabling Aircraft Health Monitoring System

GreenSight recently kicked off the NASA SBIR-funded PreSound program, developing cutting edge techniques for automatically detecting structural and mechanical problems in aircraft. The system uses vibration and acoustic measurements to identify and locate defects, through novel preprocessing algorithms and the latest artificial intelligence/machine learning classification techniques. Sensor data comes from both the onboard IMU that […]

GreenSight awarded USDA grant to bring leading agricultural intelligence platform to the wine growing industry

GreenSight has been awarded a USDA conservation innovation grant from the state Rhode Island to bring their world leading agricultural intelligence platform to the vineyard industry. The company teamed with two of Rhode Island’s premier vineyards, Newport Vineyards and Greenvale Vineyards, to win the 2020 USDA-NCRS Conservation Innovation Grant from the state of Rhode Island.

GreenSight Awarded Navy ADAPT Contract for Disposable Unmanned Cargo Delivery Aircraft

GreenSight was officially awarded an SBIR contract under the US Navy ADAPT program to develop the world’s first disposable small package delivery aircraft. Leveraging GreenSight’s avionics and flight control technology, the company is able to develop a reliable low cost delivery aircraft with an eventual retail price of under $200/unit. Based on the company’s leading […]