Getting Your Remote Pilot in Command Certification the Easy Way!

Getting Your Remote Pilot in Command Certification the Easy Way!

If I can pass, so can you!

‍Recently I committed to take the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command test and passed with 80%. I wanted to get a better feeling for what it took to study, schedule and pass the exam so I’d have a better understanding of what you have already done or will be doing in the near future. Plus I felt really guilty not being able to handle the exact thing that I provide to golf courses across the country, like a car salesman that can’t drive the cars he or she is selling. I wanted to “put myself in your shoes” for a day or so, and this blog entry describes my experience. I am certain it will be of use to you in obtaining your RPIC.

We at GreenSight send a lot of great study materials that are a huge help in preparing for the 107 exam. I found myself skimming through those and picking up facts here and there. If you were to read every word I believe you’d go a bit nuts. What the FAA wants you to do is get a brief history of flight and how involved it truly is as you and GreenSight will be sharing their airspace with the drone. I recommend going through the documents that we send you a couple times so you get the gist of what the FAA wants you to know.

What I really found helpful were the many videos found on YouTube. All you need to do is search “Pass 107 drone exam” and you’ll find them very easily. There’s one that stood out above the rest and you can find it here. This video is from @tonynorthrup, a photography Youtube’s. This guy is awesome, he literally tells you everything you need to know. I found myself having the video on in the background as I read through the documents that we provide for you. His video is free although he should charge for it as it was so helpful and knocked the socks off others who charge for their help classes. I know you’re either busy on the course or property and even at home, but I would suggest just having the video playing on your computer so when you pop in you’ll pick it up here and there. I was fortunate to take some time out of each day to study, but to be honest I didn’t commit hours upon hours.

Another thing I would highly recommend is the Prepware Remote Pilot App that can be found in the App Store or Google Play, whatever your flavor is. I believe it’s $5, but it will be an additional piece of the puzzle that’ll guarantee your passing score, which is only 70 or greater on the 107 exam. It has a similar feel and look as the test that you’ll be taking. There are some questions on the App that will 100% be on the test so pay attention to them as you go through it.

We’ve all taken hundreds of tests in our lives, but I just want to leave you with these tips:

  • Take your time, you have 2 hours to complete the exam.
  • RTDQ (Read The Damn Question) They try to confuse you sometimes with how it’s worded.
  • Be careful with the Figures in the booklet, don’t look at page numbers, just focus on the Figure number.
  • Once completed, go back through it. You can mark questions as you go.
  • If you don’t know the answer, make an educated guess. One answer is always a toss out so you then have a 50/50 shot of getting it right.
  • Don’t stress. You will do fine and will be flying with GreenSight for years to come!!

Quick links to test materials:

Helpful Drone Test Tips
A Real Practice Test

Quick review of the process:

  • Pick the study method that works best for you above. Depending on your efficiency, a few hours is probably enough.
  • Take a practice exam! The Prepware app has one (and we recommend that), but if you didn’t buy the app there are a few free online ones you can try: Kings School, 3DR
  • Register on The FAA Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) Website
  • Register to take the exam on CATS. You just have to register a few days in advance.
  • Once you pass, log back into your IACRA account and punch in your exam ID… You are READY TO FLY!