GreenSight Launching Their Second Generation Turfgrass Drone Service

GreenSight Launching Their Second Generation Turfgrass Drone Service

Boston, MA, Oct. 202016 — GreenSight Agronomics, a leading turfgrass and agricultural drone services provider, today announced the launch of their second generation automated golf course drone and turfgrass analytics service.

James Peverill, CEO, GreenSight said: “GreenSight’s proprietary drone, sensors, and plant-health analytics provide turfgrass managers with actionable information on the health of their turf so they can make better decisions on when to apply fertilizer, pesticide, and optimize their irrigation systems.”

The first generation GreenSight system being tested at Victoria Golf Club in B.C., Canada.

GreenSight’s drone systems, shipping in January, are offered as a annual lease and include the drone hardware, free hardware upgrades, support, and access to automated data processing and alerts to changing turfgrass conditions. The system was developed in conjunction with some of the most respected golf course superintendents in North America and refined in collaboration with agrochemical companies over their test plots in the U.S. and Europe. This second generation of the GreenSight drone includes a proprietary thermal camera enabling the company’s software to determine the transpiration rate of 9-holes of turfgrass each flight. The drone flies completely autonomously; the user simply places it on the takeoff site before the flight, then plugs it back in to power after the flight is complete. Data is uploaded and processed automatically using GreenSight’s Cloud service.

Justin McClellan, Chief Marketing Officer, GreenSight added: “We are excited to roll out our turfgrass drone service to an ever-expanding group of technology visionary superintendents across the U.S. and Canada. We are building up our wait-list now and are anxious to speak with courses interested in participating in the January release.”

GreenSight’s automated drone system an cloud processing delivers daily actionable information to aid in efficient turfgrass management

GreenSight Agronomics is developing the second generation of commercial drone platforms. Combining autonomy, advanced sensors, and data analytics, GreenSight delivers actionable alerts on solid moisture, pest stress, and nutrient deficiency to land managers. GreenSight is the leader in turfgrass remote sensing and our automated sensor system, cloud-based processing, and proprietary analytics platform is helping golf course superintendents make better decisions managing their turf.