GreenSight Launches Exclusive Overseed Monitoring Program in Southwest USA

GreenSight Launches Exclusive Overseed Monitoring Program in Southwest USA

Make sure nothing is missed during overseeding!

Since 2016, over 250 golf courses throughout the US, Canada, and Japan have used TurfSight drone intelligence to increase their consistency and efficiency. For the first time ever, GreenSight is offering a turnkey package to use drone data to help protect your overseeding investment. We’ll send a pilot and drone right to your property!

Just tell us when you plan to scalp and seed your property. We’ll build a schedule of at least 12 drone flights to monitor all the critical times during your overseeding plan. We’ll fly a few times before scalping starts so we can map overall health and setup our flight plans to ensure maximum consistency. We’ll spread the flights out to make sure that nothing gets missed during the process.

GreenSight’s industry-leading drone captures visual, infrared, and thermal data. We’ll provide expert analysis of the results and function as a second set of eyes when you and your crew are busy on the ground. Get the course perfect and ready to play faster and easier than ever before.

  • Seed germination and performance
  • Irrigation coverage issues
  • Potential disease scouting
  • Fertilization and nutritional deficiencies
  • Fix issues before it is too late!

High-resolution Imagery (what your eye can see)

NDVI Imagery (sees stress that you might miss)

Surface temperature variance assisting with irrigation & water needs

This all-inclusive package will include 12 flights during overseeding plus at least one calibration flight. We’re offering this service at a fixed price of $2,500 including access to the industry-leading TurfCloud digital job board and other tools for the rest of the year.

We’re currently offering this service in the following areas but will add more if there is demand:

  • Tucson and Phoenix, AZ
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • Las Vegas, NV

Join the other courses in your area and sign up today!

Don’t forget, we’re providing the pilot!