GreenSight Ready to Launch 2016 Summer Trials

GreenSight Ready to Launch 2016 Summer Trials

Over the past few weeks, the teams at GreenSight Agronomics have been working diligently towards readying our automated plant health drone system for deployment to our trial customers. The team has implemented new software to make the system more automated, refining the user interface, and implementing reliability improvements. The drones have been flying daily missions at golf courses around Massachusetts, creating beautiful orthomosaics enabling closeup inspection of every inch of the course right from the superintendent’s phone or computer.

The technical team at GreenSight has been making great strides towards fielding a fully automated system. Recent technical improvements to the Mark II drone system include:

  • New propellers that reduce noise and increase coverage per flight due to greater efficiency.
  • Automated flights from takeoff, to camera actuation, to landing. The system requires no intervention from the user beyond the touch of a button indicating you are ready to launch.
  • Automated processing allowing the drone to transfer image data through the internet to our servers for automated processing and display in our portal.

The operations team has also been making progress towards refining our flight profile (altitude, speed, duration) to balance coverage area and resolution. We are on track to deliver 100 acre coverage with resolution on the order of 2” per pixel.

The drone has been flying with our visual and multispectral camera payload and we have implemented the ability to flip between bands in our web portal. This will allow users to review visible images and quickly jump to health maps. We are also on track to begin testing the thermal camera this July. This critical camera enables us to compute soil moisture across a whole course.

Big news this week is the Federal Aviation Administration recently released new regulations regarding unmanned aircraft. These new regulations will allow us to make it our system even more hands off. Additionally GreenSight has obtained approval to fly from Transport Canada on time for our first delivery to British Columbia.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get our systems deployed to our trial customer!