Golf Course Midterms Are Here!

Golf Course Midterms Are Here!

Wait, what?! Midterms? Isn’t that something I dealt with in school? Technically, yes. But, even in the professional environment, the anxious feeling of taking midterms occurs. It’s right around this time every year, regardless of your location. Maybe your weather has been completely unbearable and as a result, disease or pests have riddled your property. But, unpredictably you relied on that rainstorm to pass through because your pump station couldn’t maintain pressure overnight. Or maybe you wanted to add that extra protectant to your tank mix but didn’t quite have it in the budget. Perhaps your staff has been somewhat unreliable and caused a communication breakdown in maintenance. Membership asked for greens to be rolled after the cut, but with the current staff size, it just isn’t possible. If you’ve made this far, you’re probably nodding your head in agreeance or at least smirking thinking about all of the other problems that you have on your property. You’re a control freak in an uncontrollable environment. Congratulations. That’s the best part about being a superintendent.

In my earlier years of managing turf, a mentor once told me that if I hadn’t lost grass, then I would lose it someday. Or maybe he was referring to my hair? Just kidding, I still have plenty! Managing a golf course can be a stressful job with numerous problems. Problems that would be much easier to control if they were more predictable. This industry is known for adaptation. Adapting to schedule changes, weather patterns, spray programs, and even new technologies has become a normal place in the role! Technology continues to prove itself for the betterment of your playing conditions.

Here at GreenSight, those problems have always been a part of our brain. Hence the reason TurfCloud and TurfSight were created. By using your daily imagery, you have the ability to not just harness a nice picture daily, but you’re able to create a story for yourself, your staff, and ultimately your membership. You’re even capable of explaining to the exact hour how much you’ve invested in triplexing greens versus hand-mowing. Or how much sand you’ve added to those new greed-side bunkers on the 4th hole. If you happen to see Mr. Smith on 12th green while changing cups, you’ll sound like a genius knowing more data and intricate detail thanks to the proven technologies that TurfCloud is able to present.

It might only be July, but it’ll be here soon enough. Temperatures cooling off, disease pressures disappearing, membership praising conditions even though you haven’t really changed your processes, heck, you might even start putting on a jacket for your morning rounds. Midterms will be over before you know it and another season will be under your belt!

If you’re looking to alleviate some stress, please head over to turfcloud.com!