Sign Up For a FREE Week of GreenSight’s Drone Service!

Sign Up For a FREE Week of GreenSight’s Drone Service!

You could get a FREE week of the world’s most advanced turf management technology! Let us show you your golf course from a completely new perspective.

Sign up for a FREE, no strings attached, trial week of GreenSight’s TurfSight drone service for golf courses.

Experience the only tool in the industry that can scout every inch of your property for turf stress and irrigation needs in 30 minutes or less.

Discover for yourself what many leading golf courses worldwide have already discovered. TurfSight will save you countless hours of scouting and help you solve problems on your golf course BEFORE they become uncorrectable eyesores.

If you already have a licensed drone pilot at your course, we want our drone to visit your course! Get a FREE week of the world’s most advanced turf management technology!

Click here to fill out the information so we can send you the drone. Setup at your site only takes a matter of minutes.

In order to “fly” a drone, the FAA mandates that at least one person on property possess a part 107 drone license. If you don’t have a license yet, we’ve made it easy. Start studying with our study materials packet here.

Can’t wait to see your course from the sky!