Greensight Successfully Demonstrates Cyber-Secure Infrastructure for Swarm Robotic Systems

On March 17th, 2021, GreenSight successfully demonstrated SAEPIO, a Cyber-secure swarm UAS solution being developed under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Strategic Technology Office (DARPA STO) HASHTAG SBIR program. The laboratory demonstration showed multiple SAEPIO UAS nodes collaboratively executing a search and reconnaissance mission while securely sharing data across the swarm. The demonstration highlighted […]

GreenSight Introduces SAEPIO – Secure Computing Stack for High Assurance Systems

GreenSight is pleased to announce Saepio, a secure computing stack designed to enhance the cybersecurity and autonomy of high assurance networked systems. The project is uniquely focused on enhancing the security of groups of robots operating as a team. GreenSight has been awarded a 2 year contract from DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office to develop the […]