GreenSight Launches Vineyard Early Adopter Program

GreenSight Launches Vineyard Early Adopter Program

GreenSight is the world’s only provider of agricultural drone intelligence as a service. We’ve spent the last five years building military-grade drone technology and helping superintendents use drones to manage golf courses more efficiently. TurfSight enabled golf courses have saved millions of dollars in water and chemicals and been able to stay on top of issues while saving time. We’ve gathered almost 2 million acres of imagery at over 250 customer locations since 2016! Now we’re launching our unique technology for vineyards!

Our platform makes integrating drones into your agronomic management program vastly easier than other systems. We offer a seasonal service plan which includes our cutting edge Dreamer drone, equipped with a multispectral camera that captures visual, infrared and thermal data with every photo. It can cover up to 500 acres per flight. We do all the setup and mission planning to ensure good results and monitor the flights remotely through the internet. Once landed, the imagery seamlessly uploads into our cloud processing system where your data is stitched, analyzed, and delivered to you in a few hours. We use machine learning to filter your data for the best results and are building vineyard specific analytics to detect diseases and pests automatically. You can view the data on our web-based platform, or we can export it into your existing GIS software. You can scroll back in time and view historical data from any prior flights, which is great for keeping track of crops over time. You can spot diseases, pests, irrigation issues, and growth patterns all without leaving your desk.

Many vineyards currently use manned aircraft services to get aerial views of their properties a few times a season. GreenSight’s drone service is vastly different. We offer much higher quality and more useful data over those services, and can gather it as frequently and whenever you need it. Our resolution is vastly better, allowing you to separate your valuable grapevines from the soil and ground cover. We deliver the data faster, allowing you to respond as quickly as you need to issues that are detected. Why pay for a picture that just tells you how healthy your weeds are?

We’re already working with a few select vineyards in the Napa, CA area, Rhode Island, and we’re looking for a few more! Get in touch if you are interested in being on the cutting edge of this technology. We’re building the next generation in analytics and automation for growing 21st-century grapes, and your feedback can help drive the direction of our innovation!

Kevin Hauschel has joined us as our Napa area vineyard consultant. He is a longtime GreenSight customer evangelist, partner, and agronomy technology advocate. Kevin comes from an agriculture background having started out working on farms and golf courses in Washington. After completing his integrated plant sciences degree with a specialization in viticulture from Washington State University, he moved away from farming and transitioned into a golf course superintendent position. He is a forward-thinking agronomist who uses actionable data from Greensight’s Turfcloud and daily drone service to make informed decisions on the golf course. Kevin now is working to teach others in other agriculture, viticulture, and golf course industries; on how they can utilize the imagery to make more informed decisions on their property in regards to water, fertility, and overall plant health.