What is the Best Golf Course Drone?

What is the Best Golf Course Drone?

What’s the best golf course drone? One you don’t have to fly!

While DJI Phantoms are fun and some are beginning to leverage them to improve their turf, on a typical day you have better things to do that take the drone out on a tour of the course.

Enter GreenSight Agronomics. They are making the drone a useful tool in the superintendents tool shed that takes the guess work out of planning your daily watering and treatment strategy. GreenSight is founded by the same guys who field drones in Afghanistan to keep US special forces safe from ambush. Their system is designed to automatically gather daily updates on soil moisture for every inch of your course and deliver you an email or text alert identifying trouble spots you can then go inspect.

“Water is clearly an important consideration for the industry so we focus on delivering actionable information about moisture while saving superintendents time,” says GreenSight COO Joel Pedlikin.

GreenSight is also working on software to analyze the images their drone captures to identify infections such as dollar spot before they are visible to the naked eye.

“We want to give supers the timely alerts on where to treat their turf so they can stop infections before they spread and reduce preventative spraying.”

GreenSight anticipates they can help superintendents cut water and chemical costs by 20-25% while helping supers deliver a top quality experience to their players. “The high tech and environmentally conscience credentials come along with the systems and its benefits have considerable public relations value,” adds Joel, “that is something that is hard to put a price tag on.”