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Our Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

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Our autonomous aerial data collection hardware & data analysis software tools support a wide variety of industries and applications. From smart agriculture and other precision land management needs, to smart infrastructure asset monitoring and management, solar inspections, remote sensing of snow cover and snow depth, rapid surveying for construction and resource extraction, telecom tower inspections, and more.

We also partner with state departments of transportation for smart infrastructure management, such as bridge inspections, construction planning, and monitoring traffic flows.

Our data collection & analysis platform supports a variety of needs in the oil and gas industry, including geological and seismic data collection & analysis, improving exploration and operations, monitoring work sites for security & safety, and inspection & monitoring of offshore platforms, oil rigs, and pipelines.It can also be used for efficient visual and thermal inspections of wind turbines, feeders, poles, substations and transformers, as well as offshore wind turbine monitoring and management.

The Kit


GreenSight Flyer is the autonomous drone hardware. A solid flying robot to be deployed at scale.


GreenSight Sense is the sensor/camera network or the payload. There are a range of different optics available for different needs.


GreenSight Mission Control is the software development kit that allows our integrators to develop fully-featured portals for aerial intelligence applications.



Save Time

Autonomous data collection is easier than you think. Replace time-consuming, partial site inspections performed by staff with GreenSight’s intelligent platform for faster, more complete imaging data, and free up your team’s time for other tasks.


Peace Of Mind

GreenSight’s hardware enables data collection over much larger areas than can be inspected by teams on the ground, more continuously than piloted drones.

Additionally, drone-based aerial inspections easily provide insight into on-site conditions before staff members arrive, keeping them informed of potential hazards and prepared to safely perform their assigned tasks.


Precision Resource Management

Precise aerial data empowers more optimal decision-making about use of resources. GreenSight’s data analysis tools provide clear, detailed information about land conditions, allowing managers to precisely identify locations in need of maintenance, without wasting time, labor, or materials performing these tasks where they’re not needed.

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Enable Preventive Maintenance

Be proactive, not reactive. Intelligent aerial data collection and analysis enables you to strategically address minor maintenance issues in smaller locations before they expand into major repair efforts.

Autonomous monitoring also enables more continuous oversight for long-term surveillance and inspection applications, as well as ongoing forest management, snow depth monitoring, avalanche prediction, and biodiversity research via species mapping, imaging spectroscopy and measurement of topographic changes.

Simple Data Management

Upload Mission Details

Use GreenSight’s software platform to schedule and define your desired data collection flight. Specify the site to be monitored, determine your goals for monitoring this location, identify how you want to monitor the location and what kind of data you want to collect. These flight plans can be scheduled on a recurring basis, or adjusted as needed, for ongoing monitoring and maintenance needs.

Autonomous Aerial Data Collection

GreenSight’s aerial data collection process is entirely autonomous, without any need for real-time supervision or guidance.

Data Transfer & Cloud-based Processing

Once the drone begins uploading new data, our automated image processing pipeline delivers your data at an industry-leading processing time of approximately 100 acres per hour.

Data Analysis

GreenSight’s dashboards and data visualization tools facilitate optimal decision-making by revealing precisely where and when maintenance is needed. Managers save time, labor, and resources by assigning maintenance tasks according to the insights provided through our aerial intelligence platform.