GreenSight's Technology in the Field

▌GreenSight is Flying Every Day

GreenSight solutions are not just a vision. They are already in the field. We support the development of custom integrations and solutions by providing access to top-quality APIs and platform-building components. We can also implement custom dashboards and other visualizations to highlight distinct trends or provide insight into key data points

TurfCloud is a smart land management solution developed by GreenSight to serve the golf industry. GreenSight's multi-spectrum data collection sensors provide valuable insights into plant health, soil moisture, ground stress patterns, and other concerns of golf course superintendents. The TurfCloud software toolkit offers a specialized set of data analysis and task management tools developed specifically for the golf industry, enabling users to proactively monitor and maintain their properties through intelligent, efficient use of labor and resources.

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Is GreenSight Right for My Vertical?

There are a myriad of applications for GreenSight Freehand.


Aerial intelligence to guide
your planning processes


Precision site monitoring for
ongoing maintenance with
optimal resource allocation


Adjust ongoing data collection and analyze trends to determine when repairs or interventions are needed


Tree Care
Roof Inspections
Specialty Farming
Broad Acre Agriculture
Sports Field Management
Long-term Surveillance
Geological Research
Archaeological Applications
Construction Progress
Border Security
Bridge Inspections
Monitor Traffic Flows

▌A Typical Workflow for Our Autonomous Drones


Specify the site for aerial inspection.


Determine your goal for monitoring this location.

Flight Plan

Specify how you want to monitor this location.

Data Collection

Identify the kind of data you want to gather, and from what kind of sensor.

Data Analytics

Review the collected data to determine optimal maintenance for this location.


Assign maintenance tasks, then repeat data collection for quality assurance or task management as needed