The Ultimate Horizon of Aerial Intelligence

GreenSight™ Freehand

The GreenSight™ Platform includes a suite of autonomous drone hardware and sensors for remote sensing and mapping, as well as software for data processing, visualization, and assessment. Capture multiple types of data in a single autonomous drone flight, and make smart choices using our data analysis software tools.

Flight & Sensor Technology

We combine the best in drone hardwaremachine piloting technology, and multiple sensors to provide thorough, precise aerial data collection on a recurring basis. Our custom multispectral camera payload simultaneously captures 5 times the data of a typical camera, including high-resolution visible spectrum, custom-tuned near-infrared light (NDVI), and thermal imaging.
Each of these components can be tailored to optimize your data collection needs. Our flexible drone design makes it possible to add sensors to our baseline camera payload, or swap in a completely custom set of sensors as needed.

Autonomous Data Collection

When not in flight, GreenSight drones are housed in a proprietary canopy. This serves as both recharging station and contact point for receiving mission instructions and uploading data.
Mission Complete
After the drone has completed its specified mission, it automatically flies back to its canopy and docks itself for re-charging.
Get Mission Details
Use GreenSight's software platform to set the parameters of your desired data collection flight. Strategically plan and repeat the exact same flight routes on a regular basis to collect truly reliable imaging data for ongoing monitoring and maintenance needs.
Data Transfer
While docked in its canopy, the drone automatically uploads all newly collected data to GreenSight's software platform for review and analysis.
Mission Flight
Once the drone has received its mission details, the canopy automatically opens, and the drone takes off on its specified route for data collection. Our drones have exceptional flight endurance, covering numerous acres at a wide range of altitudes— without any need for supervision.

Our Vision: Scalable Aerial Intelligence for All

GreenSight’s ultimate goal is to make aerial data collection accessible to a massive range of industries and applications, even those who currently believe these technologies are cost-prohibitive. In addition to serving large-scale commercial, industrial, and governmental applications, we are currently building a nationwide network of autonomous drone stations to serve smaller-scale applications such as home roof inspections and other insurance assessments, niche farming and small-scale agriculture, vineyards, sports field management, landscaping, and tree care, among others.

Contact Us

Do you have a vision for an autonomous aerial intelligence application? Contact us to share your idea, and find out how GreenSight’s technologies can help it take flight.

    Our Investors

    Why GreenSight?

    GreenSight’s industry-leading technology is developed and supported by a team with extensive backgrounds in robotics, autonomous vehicles, spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/drones), advanced communications and other forms of aerospace development as well as agriculture and land management.

    Our prior customers include the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA as well as a range of confidential commercial clients in aerospace/defense and agriculture/agronomy. We are well-versed in providing precise, reliable technology solutions that are easy to use and reflect a deep understanding of a particular industry’s goals and priorities.

    The GreenSight team has years of experience working with government offices and regulatory bodies both in the US and internationally. We currently have an FAA Section 333 exemption and multiple complex Part 107 waivers for commercial drone operations and beyond visual line of sight flying. The company has more than a dozen Part 107 licensed drone operators on staff to support a variety of flight operations.

    We also maintain a robust working relationship with the FAA, Transport Canada and other international aviation regulatory agencies to ensure our roadmap for future technologies and applications remains regulatory compliant. We are actively involved with next generation airspace integration efforts as well as defining future requirements for unattended drone operations.