Better insight starts with takeoff. Daily drone imagery and real-time data means less time spent scouting the course and more time spent improving it.


"We use the previous day's and week's imagery to show progress and identify potential problems. It's great to be continually collecting data from the course that helps us address any actions that are required. The biggest ROI for us has been spraying less frequently. With the drone data we are able to treat suspect spots for disease instead of just spraying a blanket application, saving thousands."

Kevin Sullivan
Director of Agronomy

Valhalla Golf Club

I can see the importance of the relationship between irrigation management and daily drone flights increase with every flight we do. Having data about the golf course available so quickly and comprehensively with daily drone flights really has helped us make moisture management decisions, from dialing in irrigation run times to directing hand watering, that have made key improvements to the golf course.

John Ballard
Golf Course Superintendent

PGA Frisco

"GreenSight has been a real aid for us. We have been able to use the drone to tell a story about the property. Being able to review course trends on a weekly or monthly basis is helping us to build up valuable historical record that can be referred back to again and again. GreenSight has given us validation! Especially when it comes to justifying the course needs to our membership."

Bryce Yates
Golf Course Superintendent

Why GreenSight for golf?

Why GreenSight for golf?

Agronomic responsibility

On average, our customers are realizing yearly reductions of up to 15% in irrigation water usage, 25% on agrochemical applications and 18% reduction in labor associated with irrigation and agro-chemical applications.

Visionary aerial technology

We provide the drone industry's only fully turnkey “drone in a box” solution. We send our drone to you, we operate it remotely so you don’t have to, we analyze your entire property in a single daily flight, and then deliver you actionable data in under 2 hours that's accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Actionable turfcare data

Gathering advanced data about your turf is important. But what's more important? Turning that data into actions that achieve better outcomes on your course. Our specialized turf analytics, developed in conjunction with some of the world's best turfgrass minds, help you take action sooner and more effectively than ever before.




TurfCloud empowers the Golf Course Superintendent with next-generation tools to proactively monitor and manage their turf and their teams through the integration of robotics, A.I. driven automated data analysis, and cloud based planning tools.

Drone Analytics

A GreenSight drone offers scouting like you’ve never experienced before. Our specialized turf analytics will save labor, water, chemical, and days from your week allowing for a better groomed property and a more sustainable work / life balance. Start flying today and thank us later!

Robotic Mowers

TurfCloud now integrates seamlessly with Husqvarna Autonomous mowers. Control and monitor your robots all from within TurfCloud. These robots don’t just mow grass without you looking, they don’t call out sick or or take coffee breaks. Wow your membership by always having your rough remaining at 2” forever!

Soil Sensors

How wet is your soil really? In order to grow a healthy plant you need healthy soil. Key ingredients are adequate moisture, temperature, and salinity. Our soil sensors tell you that and more, every 20 minutes for up to 20 years of battery life and sync wirelessly with TurfCloud through solar-powered base stations.

Staff Planning

Schedule staff and track labor investments across your property with the all new, and now completely free to use TurfCloud digital job board. Turn information into action in record time with our AI assisted smart scheduling that learns from your scheduling habits to streamline your staff planning.



Industry leading flight time:
60 minutes, 300+ acres/flight

The all new TurfCloud
application planner

The all new TurfCloud application planner

Built in collaboration with:


The all new TurfCloud
application planner

Built in collaboration with:


Meet your new co-workers

Are labor shortages and sky rocketing fuel costs impacting your ability to mow your rough as often as your members demand? Does the supply chain crisis have you on a 12 to 18 month waitlist for the new equipment you need? GreenSight is your immediate source for fully electric Husqvarna autonomous mowers. Now you can mow acres of rough autonomously and free up your staff to focus on the finer details.

Husqvarna Automower

550 EPOS Automower for professional use. With virtual boundaries you can define several working areas, manage slopes up to 45%, and work even in rainy conditions.


GreenSight at WINSTONgolf

Erwan Le Cocq - Greenkeeping Tech Specialist

"Using TurfCloud has been our best workflow improvement in years here at WINSTONgolf. TurfCloud gives us one place for team members to receive their job assignments, analyze our daily drone flight images, see real time soil sensor data, and control our fleet of Husqvarna robotic mowers from anywhere. TurfCloud made the adoption and real use of each technology fast and simple for all of our team members, both from the office as well as directly on the golf course."

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The all new TurfCloud
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