Better insight starts with takeoff. Daily drone imagery and real-time data means less time spent scouting fields and more time spent improving them.


TurfCloud empowers the sports turf manager with next-generation tools to proactively monitor and manage their turf and their teams through the integration of robotics, A.I. driven automated data analysis, and cloud based planning tools.

Drone Analytics

A GreenSight drone offers scouting like you’ve never experienced before. Our specialized turf analytics will save labor, water, chemical, and days from your week allowing for a better groomed property and a more sustainable work / life balance. Start flying today and thank us later!

Robotic Mowers

TurfCloud now integrates seamlessly with Husqvarna Autonomous mowers. Control and monitor your robots all from within TurfCloud. These robots don’t just mow grass without you looking, they don’t call out sick or or take coffee breaks. Achieve new levels of playability with autonomous mowers.

Soil Sensors

How wet is your soil really? In order to grow a healthy plant you need healthy soil. Key ingredients are adequate moisture, temperature, and salinity. Our soil sensors tell you that and more, every 20 minutes for up to 20 years of battery life and sync wirelessly with TurfCloud through solar-powered base stations.

Staff Planning

Schedule staff and track labor investments across your property with the all new, and now completely free to use TurfCloud digital job board. Turn information into action in record time with our AI assisted smart scheduling that learns from your scheduling habits to streamline your staff planning.

GreenSight at Oracle Park

Greg Elliot - Director of Field Operations

“GreenSight technology plays a huge role in what we do at the stadium. We are fully committed to acting in a sustainable way for the future benefit of the whole San Francisco Bay area and we are using technology to help us achieve this. We’ve had a very successful run with the GreenSight drone and soil sensors so far. I strongly believe we must continue to raise the bar in the area and hopefully adjust how people view managing sports surfaces in the United States. For me it’s been the game-changer.”

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