GreenSight delivers a wide spectrum of NDAA/EO13981 compliant UAS, robots, avionics, sensors and payload solutions back by a history of commercial UAS global development to defense and security customers. Solutions are available either as commercial items or customizable through GreenSight labs.


GreenSight builds clean sheet designed ISR robotics, autonomy systems, and enabling technologies optimized to meet the most stringent, challenging aerospace or military customer specifications.


Mustang is a tactical VTOL SUAS, a snap together system with open interfaces designed to accept a variety of payloads . The modular VTOL SUAS capability supports payloads that enable multiple CONOPs including ISR, base security, PsyOps, Effects Delivery, and Comms Relay.


The HEADS system is a small form-factor package of sensors and communication devices designed for swarm SUAS to bridge the capabilities gap of autonomous sensing, and collaborating. HEADS enables aircraft to move through dense environments while relaying critical information with the swarm.


WeatherHive is a tactical weather measurement system that enables hyper precise forecasting in tactical scenarios utilizing swarms of Nano-UAVs. WeatherHive is optimized for minimal size, weight, and production cost in large quantities. Each Nano-UAV weighs less than than 80 grams, with a max span of 5” allowing swarms stored and carried in a compact, portable, dispensing canister.


LEANIS provides a robust and autonomous multirotor UAV launch, recovery, charging, and storage system for small unmanned surface vessels. The LEANIS system utilizes a multi-degree-of-freedom robotic arm, specifically designed to counteract the motions of aquatic vessels that make conventional UAV landings very difficult.



SAEPIO is a secure computing stack designed for high assurance collaborative autonomy with heterogeneous robotic swarms. SAEPIO is a software agnostic platform that combines a formally verified operating system, an encrypted NDN based distributed database, secure mesh communications and a domain specific language for swarm collaboration and control.

Cutting-edge capabilities

The GS platform has been deployed globally, enabling agricultural, industrial, and defense users to leverage the power of robotics at scale. The GS platform has established economic, sustainability and environmental ROI across multiple industries.

ISR robotics, autonomy systems and enabling technologies

GreenSight develops cutting edge navigation, self flying autonomy and robotic system technology for commercial and government customers around the world. We are building the next generation of autonomous flying robots that can operate in diverse environments.

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