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GreenSight Showing Off TurfCloud at New England Regional Turf Foundation Annual Conference 2019

The TurfCloud team had the pleasure of attending the 22nd Annual NERTF Conference and Show held in Providence Rhode Island on March 5-7. This was the second year that TurfCloud had a huge presence on the trade shade floor in booth number 939. A 400 square foot space that was filled with friends, customers and a whole bunch of intrigued local Superintendents. The trade show has been around for 22 years which started in Boston, but has been held in Providence for the last 20 years. With Providence’s location in the New England area and home town feel it has become a very popular and successful host for the show.

I am the current President of NERTF and have sat on the Board of Directors for 5 years now. For over 20 years I have attended the show as a Superintendent, but this was the first time as an exhibitor and I can’t wait to go back!  Similar to Carolinas and the Golf Industry Show we had great flow through our booth space and you could feel the buzz in the air, partially because we had a drone hanging above us, but mainly about where our company is going and the services we provide. Jason, Stephen and myself grew up and worked in the New England area our entire lives so we see a lot of familiar faces and happy customers over the two day period. Along with striking up new business in the area, I spent most of the time talking with old friends about my new adventure in life now that I’m not directly responsible for a golf course. Trade shows are perfect for “face to face” meetings and discussions. I had the opportunity to talk with Keith Kruger at Acoaxet Golf Club in Westport MA who is an avid drone flyer on his property and for pleasure. After talking with him about our drone service we focused on the TurfCloud digital job board. Keith has a 50 minute commute to work and after 5 minutes he was hooked on the mobile accessibility of the platform. Another great Superintendent that both Jason and I have been talking to for over a year recently signed on for the job board as well after we spoke on the trade show floor. I am happy to announce that Peter Rappoccio CGCS at Concord Country Club in Concord MA joined the digital job board phenomenon. Peter is a good friend of mine and also sits on the NERTF Board of Directors. Immediate past President of NERTF Randy Weeks of Laconia CC in Laconia NH, is also close to becoming a member of the TurfCloud team, but still needs a little time making the plunge!  Randy brought his Greens Chairman to GIS and his entire management team to the New England show where we spoke in great detail the benefits of the TurfCloud job board and drone services.

Pictured above: Peter Rappoccio CGCS, Jeff Urquhart, Randy Weeks

With the trade show season behind us everyone feels very good about the upcoming year and the future of our company. Our development team, management, engineers, flight operations and sales force put in their very best efforts to see that our exponentially growing client list is kept satisfied 365 days a year. We provide Golf Course Superintendents and other growers with tools that enable them to manage their crop to its fullest extent. Whether it’s improved golf course conditions or a higher yield, TurfCloud powered by GreenSight are the ones behind it.

Jason and I wrapping up a great trade show season, colored coordinated and all!

Learn more about GreenSight's full stack turfgrass management platform, TurfCloud, at http://turfcloud.com.

Jeff Urquhart - TurfCloud Sales Representative

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GreenSight Selected as Winner in Verizon 5G Robotics Challenge

We are proud to announce that GreenSight was selected as one of Massachusetts most innovative robotics startups in a competition sponsored by MassTLC, Verizon and Ericson Communications. The company will be participating in a program to build a new, innovative robotics automation application using GreenSight technology and Verizon+Ericson 5G communications.

Technology and Innovation

GreenSight's project focuses on leveraging ultra low latency 5G communications and edge computing to coordinate multiple drones performing collaborative tasks. We're planning to use some of our research drones to simulate a warehouse material movement scenario. The drones will coordinate to lift and move boxes, demonstrating how aerial robots can move packages inside a warehouse setting.

Our solution uses 5G connected wireless cameras observing the flight area, measuring and relaying drone positions back to a central control computer. The central controller coordinates planning for the fleet of drones, allowing them to complete collaborative tasks and not crash into each other. The aircraft themselves can be lighter and more agile without the burden of excessive onboard computing. Every bit of weight added to a drone means it needs more power to fly, and every bit of electricity that an onboard computer consumes is power that can't be used to remain flying. This means that drones using this technology will be able to fly longer and lift heavier payloads.

GreenSight assembled a crack team of software, controls and hardware engineers to take on the project. We are a full stack organization always ready to take on unique technical challenges. We are excited about the 5G future and will continue posting updates as we get closer to the finale!

GreenSight's crack competition engineering team posing at the Verizon Innovation Center in Cambridge. Trust us they are meaner than they look.

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