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GreenSight Celebrates Five Thousand Automated Flights!

As a drone flight took off quietly and without fanfare over Manito Golf & Country Club in Spokane, WA last week, those of us here at GreenSight headquarters in Boston were high-fiving and whooping it up. Why? Well, it’s not every day that we get to celebrate company milestones, and the Manito drone flight marked GreenSight’s five thousandth flight since the company’s inception in 2015.

For the past four years, GreenSight has served clients by combining the best in drone hardware, machine piloting technology, and multiple sensors to provide thorough and precise aerial data collection. Although many customers still view drones as a novelty, our client base has been able to stay ahead of problems using our near “bulletproof aerial intelligence technology.”

One of the ways this drone technology has proved invaluable to customers is in tuning irrigation systems on golf courses. Since May 2018, Manito has been using GreenSight’s autonomous aerial intelligence to measure moisture conditions on their fairways. “Moisture levels are more apparent from the high-resolution aerial photos than from walking the course and we can see the whole course,” said Manito’s superintendent, Tim Ansett. Customers are seeing reductions in water consumption of over 10% utilizing the system to make daily adjustments, while also boosting quality. Even beyond the environmental and play performance benefits this can translate into monetary savings of up to $50k per year.

Not only did GreenSight’s technology impact and improve Manito’s moisture monitoring, but it was also a big factor in helping them select Toro Central and Satellite Controls for their recent irrigation system upgrading. “We are looking forward to eventually having the ability to overlay the daily images onto our irrigation map, making sprinkler head time adjustments more accurate and efficient,” said Ansett. GreenSight and the Toro Corporation plan to tightly integrate GreenSight's platform with Toro's industry leading computerized irrigation controls.

Although Manito just happened to be the company that helped us hit our noteworthy 5,000 drone flight mark, we’re grateful for all of the customers that use our powerful technology. And we’re looking forward to more celebratory milestones in the very near future! At our current rate, we'll be well over 10,000 flights by the end of 2019.

GreenSight has built the world's most turnkey automated aerial intelligence platform using drones. We make it trivially easy to use drone data to optimize YOUR business. We are actively servicing customers in agriculture (including golf course turf), infrastructure monitoring (like runways), construction and security. We are a full stack technology company, designing and manufacturing the worlds longest endurance electric multicopter, coupled with our patent pending imaging sensors and ultra-fast cloud/edge image processing pipeline. We can provide our off the shelf intelligence platform, or integrate with your enterprise platforms through our comprehensive API.

An Agronomy Drone With a Mind of Its Own

The article below discusses possibilities for drone use. Please contact the number listed at the bottom of the article for more information about GreenSight's Dreamer drone and the industry's easiest daily drone intelligence service. GreenSight can assist ANY organization integrating drone intelligence into their operations.

Drones have become common in industries that need to cover a lot of ground like film productions, fossil fuel extraction, archaeological digs, military surveillance, forestry, and agriculture. The field of agronomy has been particularly aided by drones when it comes to studying plant health and management. Drones can capture and analyze small details on individual plants from over a hundred meters high. Farmers are starting to line up for this new technology.

What kind of drone is best for agronomy—self-flying or autonomous? Self-flying drones are guided by a human and best if a trip is not routine. Autonomous flight is when the drone decides where and when to fly without needing direct human input.  

GreenSight's Dreamer UAV with the longest flight time in the industry

With autonomous drones, there may be some human guided settings, such as scheduling, but overall, the drone is using artificial intelligence. The advantage of autonomous flying is that assuming all federal safety regulations are being followed, you can set it and forget it. This post will cover how autonomous drones can be used to collect agronomic data for your business.

Agronomy and Autonomous Drones

Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fiber, and land reclamation. Data drawn from autonomous drones helps farmers build better strategy for planting and provides a higher degree of all-around monitoring of how crops are progressing on a day-to-day basis.

Autonomous drones can assist with a number of things for agronomy businesses:  

  • Scout crops regularly and automatically.
  • Images can show changes in the crops over time so that the problems like pest and fungal infestations are caught early.
  • Let farmers see a near-infrared view as well as a visual spectrum view. This combination shows the farmer differences between healthy and unhealthy plants.
  • Capture and analyze small details on individual plants from over a hundred meters high.
  • Use Lidar remote sensing technology to measure the height of crops.
  • Measure soil moisture and mineral variation.
  • Point out irrigation problems.
  • Through heat sensors, detect the presence of water, water temperature, and people or animals.
  • Count plants by crop density.
  • Assess water quality.
  • Monitor infrastructure such as fences, buildings, roads and roofs.
  • Identify weeds and pests.
GreenSight's Dreamer is equippped with a multispectral high resolution payload: 3 cameras RGB, InfraRed, calibrated thermal

As the laws begin to change, new drone uses for agronomy will be discovered. For example, soon you’ll see drone deliveries by Amazon. Perhaps, someday nutrients for your crops can be flown by drone right to your door. Aerial taxi services are also around the corner. Maybe a pesticide inspector can be flown to your farm from the train station.

Certified autonomous drone service, GreenSight, assists both large and small operations with crop management. GreenSight will stay updated on constantly evolving FAA regulations for you and offer tech support and equipment maintenance as needed.

Vegetative health index can be used to asses turf and crop health and spot issues that are difficult to assess on the ground

Part of the overall solution is to improve and enhance productivity whether that means better playing conditions on a golf course or higher crop yield on a farm. Through daily site monitoring, labor practices can be modified or irrigation procedures can become more detailed. Being able to fly at 120m and zoom in down to 1m on the ground provides detail that is hard to match!

GreenSight can help your agronomic business stay on top of its game, whether it be specialized farming, broadacre agriculture, long-term surveillance, or other areas where we have expertise.


GreenSight's automated intelligence drones are flying every day over farms, golf courses and other properties all over the world. Contact us to get started using drone intelligence for your farm or golf course. (+1 (844) 484-7336 • info@greensightag.com)

Jason VanBuskirk @URITurf