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Boston, Massachusetts May 1, 2019 - GreenSight, the leading provider of autonomous aerial intelligence has announced a distribution partnership with the Jerry Pate Company. With this partnership, the Jerry Pate Company will serve as the exclusive distributor of the GreensSight TurfCloud product line in a large portion of the Southeast. As the announcement was made, Jason VanBuskirk, GreenSight VP of Sales and Marketing commented, “GreenSight is excited to be able to offer our industry-leading product, TurfCloud, through the Jerry Pate Company. We look forward to helping their customers manage more efficiently and improve their facilities in the Southeast.”

“Jerry Pate is looking forward to adding GreenSight’s TurfCloud platform to its line of products and services.  By adding this product, we are opening the door to cutting edge technology for our customers in 2019 and the years to come. The drone’s capability, not just irrigation detail, is sure to change the way turf is managed.  With GreenSight, we seek the meet the high expectations and standards of our customers.”, says Joe Brown, Director of Irrigation Sales for Jerry Pate Company.

The Jerry Pate Company


The Jerry Pate Company is the premier provider of outdoor beautification products in the Southeast. Representing the industry’s leading products, including Toro, Echo, Shindaiwa, Bear Cat, Club Car, Rain Bird, their customer base includes turf equipment dealers, golf courses, sports facilities, schools and universities, municipalities, irrigation contractors, and government agencies. Servicing eight states in the Southeast, with facilities in Pensacola, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Memphis, along with a sales and service team in the field, the Jerry Pate Company puts the customer first. Providing the finest quality of products and unmatched service in the industry, their award-winning team has proven year after year that with their high standards, they can meet and exceed their customers’ needs and expectations. For more information visit http://www.jerrypate.com.


GreenSight is the leader in autonomous aerial intelligence. The company’s custom-designed drones have been employed by the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, as well as a range of other commercial clients. GreenSight's ultimate goal is to make aerial data collection accessible to a massive range of industries and applications, even those who currently believe these technologies are cost-prohibitive. GreenSight's industry-leading technology is developed and supported by a team with an extensive background in robotics, autonomous vehicles, spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/drones), advanced communications and other forms of aerospace development as well as agriculture and land management. For more information visit http://www.greensightag.com.


GreenSight’s TurfCloud is a complete suite of golf course management tools that allow managers to proactively and easily monitor and maintain their properties. The TurfCloud platform features dashboards and data visualization tools to facilitate optimal decision-making by revealing precisely where and when actions are needed. TurfSight is GreenSight’s drone-based aerial intelligence platform for turf management, which works hand in hand with the TurfCloud platform. Turf managers can save time, labor and resources by assigning tasks according to the insights provided through the platform. For more information visit http://www.turfcloud.com.

GreenSight headed to JIFX 19-3 for fully automated drone security solution experiment

Next week, GreenSight will be sending a team of engineers to JIFX 19-3, a tactical field experiment event, to evaluate the utility of our fully automated security solution. Our experiment focuses on how unattended drones flying continuously over an area, can be used to detect and monitor changes in the environment such as disturbed soil, vehicle movement and personnel movement. We'll be leveraging all our drone and machine learning technology to pull it off, gathering valuable feedback from the user community and a rich dataset we can use to hone our analytics and alerts.

We'll be bringing our industry leading flight time Dreamer drones as well as a pair of our unattended charging/docking stations. We'll be flying two completely autonomous drones continuously throughout the week, attempting to come as close to constant flying as possible over a predetermined area. During that time we'll make changes to the environment and be collaborating with other companies at the event who have relevant technologies (like buried sensors or vehicle technology). Our image processing pipeline will be running, ingesting drone data as it is gathered and analyzing it using our machine learning classification systems, generating alerts and notifying of changes in the environment. This technology is relevant for facility security applications, border security and pipeline monitoring among other missions.

GreenSight engineers Brett Hartman, Ben Pedtke and Andrew Delollis will be conducting the experiment, with Will Nitsch and James Peverill (CEO) also assisting (not shown)

JIFX events are organized by the Naval Postgraduate School and most are held at Camp Roberts, CA (near San Louis Obispo). GreenSight employees have attended many of these events in the past and found them incredibly valuable to refine product and technology capabilities based on feedback from the community and operating it in a relevant "austere" environment. We'll post more information during the week about our experiment! Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.